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Live Music & Laughter

We are a not for profit Musicans Clubhouse. We are open just a few hours a week, with very limited items to sell. All sales and donations offset expenses, no salaries or profits are taken.

Live music venues are rapidly disappearing. The ones that remain support themselves with restaurant and bar sales. While this is better than nothing, the music becomes background noise to loud patrons, sports television and restaurant noises. Respectful listening environments are basically non existent, mainly because there is no way to pay the expenses without the bar/restaurant. We built a quiet, respectful room. Building it was a large investment, we continue to offset monthly expenses out of pocket, and work for free, to provide this gift to local performers. 







Experience the fun that everyone is talking about with Comedy, Sing Alongs, & much more!


Treat yourself to one of our delicous signature Old Fogies desserts or tasty pizza.  Then wash it down with a refreshing beer, glass of wine, soda, or freshly brewed coffee.

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    26455 Old 41 #13A
    Bonita Springs, Fl 34135


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